Our Future is Unlimited.

Our Future is Unlimited.

MyRepublic makes bid for fourth telco licence

Register Your Interest to Support our Bid

When everyone thought affordable 1Gbps Internet couldn’t be done, MyRepublic proved them wrong. Now it’s the perfect time to really transform Singapore mobility with seamless connectivity and big data plans. For that, we need your support!

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1. Register Individually or as a Group

Give us feedback on our proposed mobile plans and register your interest to help make our mobility vision a reality. Registering is 100% payment and commitment free. Have a question? Check out our FAQ.

2. Our Proposed Mobile Plans

These are the plans MyRepublic aims to deliver if we win the bid to become Singapore’s 4th telco. Register your interest in your preferred plan and get priority when we become a telco.

2GB Data

  • 2GB Monthly Local Data
  • 4.5G Network Speeds
  • Additional Data Charges at $8/GB

Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Local Data
  • 4.5G Network Speeds
  • No Bill Shock

Our plans for additional services such as call roaming and SMS will be confirmed at a later date. See our FAQ for more information 🙂

3. Fill in Your Details & Feedback

A confirmation email will be sent to you once your registration is successfully completed. Rest assured, we will not email you again unless you’ve opted for future updates.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I preorder these plans?
No, what you can do is register your interest in these plans should MyRepublic win the license to provide them as a mobile operator. This is a step before pre-ordering and this does not require you to make any payment or deposit.
Does this mean MyRepublic is confirmed as Singapore’s 4th telco?
No, MyRepublic is not confirmed as Singapore’s 4th telco yet. That said, we are optimistic and have every intention of bidding in the upcoming Spectrum auction this year to become Singapore’s 4th telco.
Why are you announcing these plans?
We are announcing these plans to provide people a better idea of what we want to achieve as Singapore’s 4th telco. These plans are something we are confident we can deliver as a mobile service provider. We also want to use this opportunity to gather public feedback. As people can register their interest to preorder these plans, we can see what kind of demand there is for these options and make any necessary changes going forward.
Do these plans include other services like Caller ID or international roaming?
No, they do not. We can't confirm these details at the moment but we do plan to have the standard mobile add-on options, available at competitive market rates (i.e. they will cost the same or be cheaper than what the competition is offering when we launch) should MyRepublic win the bid to become Singapore's 4th telco.
Why is MyRepublic announcing only 2 mobile plans?
At this stage, our plan is to ensure MyRepublic mobile plans are simple and easy-to-choose. We also want to have a mobile offering that is more flexible and provides better value from what existing telcos are doing. These two plans not only address those who consume small and huge amounts of data, if you consume a moderate amount of data you can get the $8 plan and pay-per-use at overall better value (i.e. 5GB would be $32 a month). That said, we may add more plans at a later date. Your feedback is valuable for this reason exactly :)
Do these plans come with a phone?
No, these mobile data plans do not include a phone. We will likely offer phones as an optional add-on option with their own separate instalment plans. That said, we cannot confirm more details for bundled phone plans at this moment.
Are these all the mobile plans MyRepublic will offer?
Not necessarily. As many things may change from now to when we can eventually go live as a mobile telco in a couple of years (such as technology, market factors, industry regulation etc.) we may add more mobile plans or make improvements to these. Your registration choices and feedback at this time will also help inform what plans we eventually launch with.

Mobile Plan Registration Terms & Conditions

  • A Fair Use policy will apply to all MyRepublic Unlimited Data plans to prevent abusive practices and illegal activities. Details of this Fair Use policy will be determined at a future date.
  • These proposed plans are subject to MyRepublic being awarded a Singapore mobile licence and MyRepublic shall have no obligation with regards to these plans in the event that MyRepublic does not submit a bid or the Singapore mobile licence is not awarded to MyRepublic.
  • In the event that MyRepublic is awarded a Singapore mobile license, the full details of the mobile data plans will be announced at a future date. MyRepublic reserves the right to make changes to the aforementioned plans.
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